Rental Assistance Available for Transitional/Homeless Households


The Housing Authority County of San Joaquin (“Authority”) has begun accepting referrals to issue vouchers to provide permanent rental assistance to up to 100 families and individuals, as funding permits, who are participating in a Supportive Housing Program, Shelter Plus Care Program, Emergency Solutions Grants program, or a homeless program in San Joaquin County. Referrals will only be accepted from community agencies administering these programs. Referred families must be able to demonstrate acceptable levels of housing, income, and personal stability, without requiring support services.

Since 2017, the Authority has provided rental assistance to 133 families, totaling 413 individuals, who were admitted into the Housing Choice Voucher rental assistance program through this preference. Agencies who have referred families that were able to successfully lease a housing unit include: Catholic Charities, Central Valley Low Income Housing Corp., Faith in the Valley, Gospel Center Rescue Mission, San Joaquin County Human Services Agency, Haven of Peace, Lodi House, Lutheran Social Services, San Joaquin General Hospital Whole Person Care, St. Mary’s Dining Hall, Stockton Shelter for the Homeless, and Women’s Center-Youth and Family Services.

Amida Hasan and her daughter were homeless and temporarily resided at the Haven of Peace in 2018. She was referred through the transitional/homeless preference by the Haven of Peace in September 2018. She received a rental assistance voucher and located a rental unit in February 2019. Ms. Hasan started working full time in 2020 and not long after, was promoted at her job. She voluntarily left the Housing Choice Voucher program in January 2021 as she no longer needed the rental assistance. “I could have stayed on, but I said I could do this on my own now,” said Hasan. “I will get out of the way and let somebody else get the assistance they need.” She continues to reside in her rental property without rental assistance.

Haven of Peace administers a transitional housing program for women and children. Nineteen of their referred households were successful in locating a home and receiving rental assistance. Olga Rodriguez, Executive Director, states, “The collaboration between the Housing Authority and the Haven of Peace has opened the doors to many families at the Haven who were feeling hopeless and thought that they would never obtain a place to reside. Faith, teamwork, support, and determination has allowed these women to succeed.” Haven of Peace offers additional services and programs designed to help women become self-sufficient.

Due to COVID-19 restrictions, the Authority has suspended public contact. Eligibility determination will be performed electronically and referred families will be required to create an account in the Authority’s online portal system. Instructions will be provided at the time of referral acceptance.

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