Affordable Housing Waiting List Lottery Opening

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The Housing Authority County of San Joaquin (HACSJ) will open its waiting list through a lottery system for the Housing Choice Voucher Program and other affordable housing programs beginning on December 10, 2021, at 8:00 AM and closing on December 24, 2021, at 5:00 PM. Applications will be accepted online only. The online application can be accessed at Paper applications will not be accepted.

Waiting lists for specific preferences including Advancement from Transitional Housing Assistance, Family Unification, Veterans Affairs Supportive Housing (VASH), Mainstream Vouchers, and Victims of Domestic Violence, Dating Violence, Sexual Assault and Stalking or other violent crimes who reside in San Joaquin County will remain open.

Waiting List Lottery selection: At the end of the application period, HACSJ will use a computer-randomized lottery to select 3,000 applicants for placement on the Housing Choice Voucher, and other affordable housing programs waiting list. A preference for assistance will be given to applicants who live or work in the county of San Joaquin. Applicants will receive an email by January 7, 2022, confirming whether or not they have been placed on the waiting list. The time and date of receipt of the pre-application during the open period have no bearing on whether a pre-application will be selected.

Applicants not selected in the lottery will have to reapply for assistance at another time when the waiting lists reopen. For a list of frequently asked questions about the waiting list lottery method, visit our website at

How to apply:
Pre-applications will be accepted online ONLY and may be submitted anytime during the opening time period from any computer with internet access. Other devices such as mobile phones and tablets with internet access may also be used. If your device does not allow you to successfully submit your pre-application, or you if you do not
have a device with internet access, a list of organizations with public computer access is identified below. The online application process should take approximately 2-3 minutes per household member to complete.

Steps to Apply:

  1. An email address is required. It is strongly recommended to create an email account prior to applying. Free email providers are available at,, and
  2. All applicants must be registered with HACSJ in Rent Café. To register, go to If you are already registered with HACSJ in Rent Cafe, you do not need to register again. You may select “Applicant Login” and enter your username and password, select “Login” then proceed to Step 4 below.
  3. For new registrants go to
    • Select “Applicant Login”
    • Select “Click Here to Register”
    • Select “I want to apply”
    • Select “I do not have a registration code”
    • Fill in personal details
    • Fill in account information. It is important to remember this information as it will be needed later to access your account.
  4. You must complete the application questions. You will need:
    • Social Security numbers and dates or birth for all family members listed on the pre-application.
    • Total gross annual income for all family members listed on the pre-application.
  5. You will receive an email confirming submission of your pre-application. You may also log in at any time to view your pre-application.
  6. The confirmation email does not guarantee that your pre-application was selected for the lottery. It confirms that your pre-application was received.
  7. You will receive an email within two weeks confirming whether or not your pre-application was selected via the randomized lottery. You may also log into Rent Café to confirm your status.

Free public computer access is available at the following locations throughout the San Joaquin County (check with agency for operational hours):

Community Partnership for Families –

4707 Kentfield Rd., Suite C – Stockton 95207 – (209) 644-8605

5506 Tam O’Shanter Drive – Stockton 95210 – (209) 373-2481

631 East Oak Street – Lodi 95240 – (209) 269-8262

El Concilio California –

1215 W. Center St. – Manteca 95337 – (209) 249-2100

95 West 11th St. – Tracy 95376 – (209) 820-5900

Family Resource and Referral Center (Call for appointment)

509 W. Weber Ave. Ste. 104 – Stockton 95203

Stockton-San Joaquin Public Libraries – Please refer to for operational hours

Chavez Library – 605 N. El Dorado St. – Stockton 95202

Troke Library – 502 W. Benjamin Holt Dr. – Stockton 95207

Angelou Library – 2324 Pock Ln. – Stockton 95206

Fair Oaks Library -2370 E. Main St. – Stockton 95205

Weston Ranch Library – 1453 W. French Camp Rd. – Stockton 95206

Arnold Rue Library – 5758 Lorraine Ave. – Stockton 95210

Lathrop – 450 Spartan Way – Lathrop 95330

Linden – 19059 E. Main St. – Linden 95236

Manteca – 320 W. Center St. – Manteca 95336

Mountain House – 250 East Main St. – Mountain House 95391

Ripon – 333 W. Main St. – Ripon 95336

Thornton – 26341 N. Thornton Rd. – Thornton 95686

Tracy – 20 Eaton Ave. – Tracy 95376

Reasonable Accommodation and Computer/Internet Access:
For persons with disabilities: If the public computer centers do not meet your needs, a reasonable accommodation may be requested. A request for reasonable accommodation should be received by HACSJ no later than December 17, 2021 at 5:00 p.m. so that we have time to assist you before the waiting list closes. Requests can be made by submitting an email to or by leaving a voicemail at (209) 460-5002. Be sure to clearly state your name, telephone number and the accommodation that you are requesting (e.g., I am a home-bound disabled person without Internet access who needs assistance with submitting my pre-application). Do not provide medical details of the disability in your email or voicemail.