Workforce Development Specialist


August 2nd, 2023

Position Summary

Under the direction of the Director of Occupancy and Housing Compliance, the Workforce Development Specialist establishes and maintains activities to develop, locate, and secure job openings for Public Housing, Housing Choice vouchers holders and community residents; markets programs and coordinates job resources; performs related duties as assigned.

Salary Range
$5,373 – 6,531 Monthly Non-exempt

Essential Job Functions & Required Knowledge

Essential Job Functions

  1. Effectively market and represent a program and services to employers.
  2. Communicate effectively in both oral and written form, plan and make presentations to small groups including potential employers, business representatives, teachers, and program participants.
  3. Interact with program participants from different cultural and socioeconomic backgrounds; provide instruction and make presentations.
  4. Supports residents in job searching and placement.
  5. Recruit participants for training programs offered by the project.
  6. Participate in outreach activities and events to recruit participants for the workforce development programs.
  7. Collection of data and documentation necessary for CEC’s quarterly reports, including new hires, community outreach, program enrollment, etc.
  8. Correspondence with the Zero Emission Vehicle (ZEV) project partners, to gain data needed for reporting.
  9. Establishes and maintains working relationships with employers, industry organizations, and public agencies to source job openings and secure employment and vocational training opportunities for clients.
  10. Evaluates individual’s background, skills, and interest and matches potential job openings or training programs.
  11. Coaches and prepares candidates for interview and entry into the workforce.
  12. Conducts necessary follow-up when applicants are placed in positions.
  13. Research Internet, newspapers, agencies, and other resources for job leads.
  14. Collects data from employers including job requirements and skills; matches job skills with applicant qualifications and refers qualified applicants to employers.
  15. Keeps updated information regarding job fairs and Internet resources.

Minimum Education, Training, and Experience

  • Graduation from an accredited college or university.
  • Minimum of four (4) years of professional experience as a Job Developer or Case Manager.
  • An equivalent combination of education, training, and experience, which provides the required knowledge and abilities, may be substituted on a two for one basis.

Additional Requirements

  1. Must be physically able to operate a variety of automated office machines including computers, copiers, printers, facsimile machines, telephones, etc.
  2. Must be able to work, move, or carry objects or materials such as files, computer printouts, reports, calculators, office supplies, etc.
  3. Must possess and maintain an applicable California Driver’s License and a driving record acceptable to the Authority’s insurance carrier.
  4. May be required to attend meetings after normal business hours.
  5. Job assigned location may vary. Must be able to travel.

Behavioral Competencies

Client Services — Provides timely, courteous, and quality service to an individual whether internal or external by anticipating individual needs, following through on commitments, and ensuring that our clients have been heard.

Initiative — Proactively seeks solutions to resolve unexpected challenges. Actively assists others without formal/informal direction. Possesses the capacity to learn and actively seeks developmental feedback. Applies feedback for continued growth by mastering concepts needed to perform work.

Professional Behavior — Exhibits positive, polite, courteous, honest, and conscientious behavior with all internal/external clients. Accepts responsibility for actions and adjusts behavior as appropriate.

Communication — Employee needs to provide clear, concise, and organized communication to fully transfer understanding of programs and responsibilities. Actively listens and ability to adapt messaging. Strives to communicate information with appropriate personnel in a timely manner.

Teamwork — Actively and collaboratively participates, despite personal differences, towards a common goal. Employee is open to new ideas and/or approaches. Employee is aware of changes that impact internal and external customers and effectively communicates the impact when working as a team.

Integrity — Employee is honest with oneself, coworkers, and clients. Stands up for what is right even in the face of opposition.

Safety Awareness — Employee is cognizant of his/her surroundings. Follows proper safety procedures and considers the safety of self and others. Identifies, communicates, and assists in the correction of any safety concerns where appropriate.

Reliability & Judgment — Employee demonstrates sound reasoning and critical thinking by making decisions in line with established Agency expectations. Performs work in a reliable manner that is both accurate and timely.

To Apply

Download, complete and submit the Housing Authority Job Application to the information below:

Human Resources Department
C/O Doi Do
2575 Grand Canal Blvd. Suite 200
Stockton, CA 95207

For more information about HACSJ Job Opportunities, refer to our Employment Opportunities page.

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