HACSJ Innovates with Grant Awards for Mobility and Green Economy

Housing Authority of the County of San Joaquin Announces $8.2 million in Grants for Workforce Development and Electric Vehicles

January 26, 2024

Tom Gerber
(209) 460-5000

As part of their multi-year effort to expand access to employment and mobility for their residents, the Housing Authority of the County of San Joaquin (HACSJ) was recently awarded over $8 million in Federal grants to train their residents for jobs in the burgeoning Green Economy and provide access to low-cost electric vehicles (EV) and charging stations at locations throughout San Joaquin County. These innovative projects, funded by grants offered through the US Departments of Energy, Labor, and Transportation, will allow HACSJ residents to train for multiple career pathways including EV Mechanic and EV Charging Station Installation, and will also help residents overcome traditional barriers to accessing these high-paying jobs by assisting with acquiring a high school diploma, improving math and reading skills, and even an Associate Degree in EV Maintenance.

Since starting this unique program at HACSJ properties throughout San Joaquin County such as Conway Homes, Victory Gardens, and their headquarters in Stockton, residents who would have otherwise been without transportation now have unprecedented access to EVs to travel to appointments, work, and leisure activities. In 2023 alone, 13 EVs were driven by HACSJ residents an incredible 108,605 miles! Building upon this work, funding will be used to expand the countywide EV charging network to increase access for low-income residents to EVs at HACSJ properties across the region, improving the lives of thousands of HACSJ residents who would otherwise be unable to take advantage of this increasingly essential technology and expanding their mobility to access the very jobs created by these grants. HACSJ remains one of the only Public Housing Authorities in the United States bringing together federal funding and local partnerships to expand job opportunities and mobility for residents through grants focused on EVs.

“It is amazing when highly competitive funding serves all residents of San Joaquin County regardless of income”, said Peter W. Ragsdale, Executive Director of HACSJ. “Poor air quality affects disinvested parts of our County and these critical investments are laying the groundwork for better air quality, as well as job opportunities. This grant will provide affordable transportation, charging opportunities for electric vehicles, and training for a Green Economy. Affordable, clean mobility and Green job training are the future!” Mr. Ragsdale goes on to acknowledge the many local partners working with HACSJ to support their residents through these cooperative and coordinated interlocking projects, including San Joaquin Council of Governments, Edge Collaborative, The Office of Congressman Josh Harder, San Joaquin Delta College, San Joaquin County Office of Education, Miocar, Green Commuter, and EV Charging Solutions.


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