Aspire Public School

HACSJ Working With Two Public School Providers

The Housing Authority is working with two charter school providers, Aspire and KIPP, to bring charter schools to Conway Homes and Sierra Vista Homes. The charter school managed by Aspire will serve Sierra Vista Homes, consisting of an 85,500 square foot, two-story building, which will accommodate approximately 1,176 students from kindergarten to 12th grade.

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HACSJ will also be working with KIPP Stockton Middle School will serve Conway Homes, be managed by KIPP, and consist of three two-story buildings and a gymnasi um totaling 126,878 square feet. One building will be designated for students from grades TK-4th grade; a second building will be designated for 5th to 8th grades, and a third building will be designated for 9th to 12th grades.
These charter schools will provide students with quality educational opportunities and play an important role in the complete redevelopment of Sierra Vista Homes.

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