Sonora Square Apartments

Sonora Square

Stockton, CA


Type of Development

Affordable permanent supportive housing for the homeless

Development Profile

37 one-bedroom units

Unit Size

600 sq. ft. 


Provide Housing for Individuals and Families Experiencing Homelessness and Mental Illness

The Housing Authority County of San Joaquin (HACSJ) is partnering with San Joaquin Behavioral Health Services (SJCBHS) to develop permanent, supportive housing for individuals who are in need of mental health services and are currently or at risk of experiencing homelessness in one of the planned 37 one-bedroom units.

Build / Funding

HACSJ, through the Mental Health Services Act, was awarded a grant in the amount of approximately $18.5 million to acquire and develop the lot at 2 E. Sonora and the commercial building located at 401 S. El Dorado. HACSJ and SJCBHS were awarded Low-Income Housing Tax Credits (LIHTC) in September 2021, and were also awarded nearly $2.1 million in non-competitive No Place Like Home funds in addition to the $456 thousand in CDBG funds from the City of Stockton. HACSJ will provide the subsidy through the Housing Choice Project-Based Voucher rental assistance. SJCBHS will provide supportive services to residents.

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